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Credit is a subject consumers often face with fear and trepidation, and for good reason. Alera Financial wants to provide you the information and tools you need to learn about your credit and what it means in terms of a mortgage.

To start your credit education, learn why your credit is so important to mortgage lenders by reviewing the Importance of Credit. You’ll understand how your credit score relates to your credit rating and what that means for you as a potential borrower.

Next, you’ll want to get a copy of your Free Credit Report. This report will provide a copy of the specialized credit report that is used by mortgage companies to assess your ability for a loan program. You will also receive your credit score and an indication of what types of programs may be available to you.

If you find you fall into the category of a potential borrower who faces Credit Challenges, you’ll want to learn what that means in terms of a mortgage and some of the ways you can change your credit situation (sometimes in a very short period of time!).

Finally, if you find yourself facing some credit difficulties, you can learn about working one-on-one with one of our credit counselors. Our counselors tailor programs ranging from a few days to 12 months to put you into a home when everyone else says NO! Read more about our Road to Home Ownership and Score Advantage programs.








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